Acne Info You Need to Know

Acne is not entirely caused by the food you eat. Food maybe a trigger if you already have acne, say for example if you eat too much certain foods like chocolates, oily foods and sugary drinks. But if you are not yet there, like you never have experience having acne food may not bring you acne. This is a common misconception and it needs to be cleared.

Acne is a skin disorder, this happens when dirt and oil enter the pores, gets inflamed and acne is born. It usually starts at puberty and on to adulthood. Some may also experience acne at random time. Some people describe that they did not experience any acne as a teenager but experience later when they are on their thirties.

Acne is caused by so many factors. Most people experience acne while on puberty cause the body is bombarded by hormones on this point of their lives. Hormonal changes are highlighted on this period in both men and women.

Acne severity differs from person to person a.b.b. writes, some may experience mild acne, some moderate but some suffers from severe acne. Medication also depends on the severity of acne. Treatment varies from just popping an over counter pill to going to specific procedure done by a dermatologist, an expert skin doctor.

Preventing acne is not easy but it highly possible. Always keeping your face and other acne vulnerable parts, clean and sanitized as possible is a good start. There are some drugs that can be bought over the counter that can be used in preventing an acne beforehand. Eating healthy is also recommended. Being hydrated as frequent as possible is great for the skin. This will make your skin radiant and soft.

Being informed and following these things will make you prevent, minimized or even cure your acne.