From Smoking to Vaping

I was always curios as a teenager. Whatever is hip and seems cool. Like when everybody is doing it, you must do it. This is what they call I guess as “peer pressure”. That happened to me when I was a teenager. I saw that many of my school mates are trying smoking, I want to try it also. You can’t blame me I am teenager I like to try things.

So that is how I started smoking, at a young age. It went from 2 sticks a day to a pack of cigarette per day. Yes, it was severe. I could learn to smoke everywhere even in public places which is prohibited.

Well that is how I started. See I really want to change because I have turn into a heavy smoker. So, I made sure that I will find an alternative that will help me minimize or better stop me from smoking.

And the answer was through vaping. I found a nice webpage that as all about vaporizers. The website was stacked with information about the latest update on the vaporizer world. It has also slick reviews a bout all the popular vaporizers. The site has also spot on comparison reviews on vaporizers. They have good comparison on these vapes that it will help you find your next vaporizers.

I am thankful that I discovered vaping, I really owe it all to vaping. Compare to smoking it is a healthier alternative. Plus, I smell good compare when I was smoking, I smell like an ash tray. Vaping has brought me positive things like I can smell my food better now and my nagging cough is gone already.

When I was smoking, I get tired so easily but now that I am vaping I don’t. I am thankful to vaping that these things are happening.